Entrusted New Weapons
Wars Episode 4
Name in Japanese 託された新兵器
Release Date 24th April, 2013
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Unlimited Myself
Ending Kamisama Ya Ya Ya

Entrusted New Weapons (託された新兵器) is the fourth episode of Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It aired on the 24th April 2013.


After their previous mission, the First Platoon failed their mission and the platoon's captains had a meeting regarding the new additions to the First Platoon. Sakuya Hosono was repairing all the damaged LBXs and told Arata Sena why Haruki Izumo was angry at them when they disobeyed his orders. When the class started, the First Platoon received new LBXs, Orvane for Haruki, Val Sparos for Hikaru Hoshihara and Dot Phasor for Arata. However, Catherine Ruth, Rikuya Tougou and Kaito Fuujin were disagreeing with the idea that only the First Platoon received new LBXs while they failed their previous mission. After that, War Time started and the First, Second, Third and Fourth platoons were competing in the missions. During the mission, the First Platoon showed off their new LBXs' skills and power, making the mission successfully accomplished.