Terror in the Sky
Name in Japanese 空の上の危機
Release Date February 8th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Terror in the Sky (空の上の危機) is the fourth episode of Danball Senki W anime. It aired on 8th February, 2012.


Ban and Ran return home and get permission to head to N City to look for Ami and Kazuya. The next day, everyone meets at the airport. Takuya presents Ran and Hiro with their own LBX bags before announcing Cobra will be in charge of the group in N City while he continues to get the Seekers up and running.

The group boards Tiny Orbit's jet and heads for N City. Cobra reveals they are heading for NICS because NICS can trace all super computers. He also reveals that a super computer is required for the brainjacking to work.

As they continue to head for N City in A Nation, the plane begins to descend early. Automatic LBX's have snuck on board and taken control of the plane at the wheel sector, in the toilet, and in the conference room. Ban, Ran, and Hiro each descend upon a location and use their finishers to defeat the Detectors Inbits. Elysion uses Holy Lance, Perseus uses Cosmo Slash, and Minerva uses Homura Kuzushi.

After landing safely in N City airport, the group is getting off the plane when Ban gets challenged by Jessica Kaios and her LBX, Jeanne D. But is Jessica a friend or enemy though? 

Major events

Jeanne D

Jeanne D

Homura kuzushi

Homura Kuzushi




Attack Function used

Attack Function


  • Sergeant Keroro series was indirectly mentioned. When Ran told her grandfather that she's going out of country to fight terrorists, her grandfather mistaken the word for 'Kerorists', while imitating like a frog.