The Violet Devil of Death
Wars Episode 3
Name in Japanese 死神バイオレットデビル
Release Date 17th April, 2013
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Unlimited Myself
Ending Kamisama Ya Ya Ya

The Violet Devil of Death (死神バイオレットデビル) is the third episode of Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It was aired on the 17th April 2013.


Arata was late and got lost in the school. He ended up on rooftop where Houjou Muraku was looking into the distance. Muraku told him where to go.

Saruta scolded Arata for coming late and Haruki since he's the platoon captain. Saruta asked Rikuya for the two ways one can be defeated. Rikuya answered correctly. Catherine commented that he, the Ally Killer, always assumes the Escape Stance. Akito got angry at Catherine.

They had mission briefing in the classroom. The goal was to destroy the five pillars which support the Wall of Gigant. It was known that the Violet Devil, Gunther Yzelphar, will be protecting that place. They had to decide who will be the decoy in that mission. Arata and Hikaru wanted to, but Haruki was against it.

After Sakuya told Haruki, that he shouldn't stay stuck in the past, he agreed to be decoy. The condition was that the both will listen to his orders.

At the Wall of Gigant, Hikaru took 3 Rossius units down, but with ignoring Haruki's orders. The Violet Devil appeared. Arata and Hikaru attacked it. It dodged and cutted Arata's DC Offenser's left arm off and Hikaru's DC Offenser's right leg. When it was about to destroy Hikaru's LBX, Haruki took the damage upon himself. Arata used Hyper Energy Bomb and damaged Gunther Yzelphar's left arm which redirected the attack to one of Wall of Gigant's pillars. The First Platoon successfully assumed the Escape Stance, thanks to Gendou Isogai. All remaing units of Jenock retreated.

The mission failed, but Jenock learned that the pillars are the motor units of the Wall of Gigant.

On their way to the dorms, Houjou Muraku was waiting at the gate of Kamui Daimon to tell Arata that he was the first who damaged his unit.



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