The Chosen Warriors
Minerva,Elysion and Perseus001
Name in Japanese 選ばれし戦士たち
Release Date February 1st, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

The Chosen Warriors (選ばれし戦士たち) is the third episode of Danball Senki W anime.


Takuya and Cobra arrive at the base, but the mysterious youth has left. Takuya decides to restore the Seekers and contacts Rina to come and assemble the old base. Cobra reveals all he knows about the Detectors, which is not much more than what has been shared. He reveals that the LBX's are being controlled through a process called brainjacking. The brainjacking occurs through the M Chip which Omegadain requires all LBX's to have. However Professor Yamano has ignored that requirement and made it so Perseus and Elysion do not have the M Chip. He also reveals that a third LBX from Professor Yamano will be presented to the winner of the Shibuya Town Martial Arts tournament.

The next day, Takuya contacts Yagami and asks him to investigate Omega Dain. He also tells him he is bringing back the Seekers to fight. Meanwhile in Shibuya, Ran Hanasaki wins the martial arts tournament and is presented the LBX Minerva. After the tourney she goes to fight her friend outside when Detector LBX's arrive. Minerva and Warrior are able to handle most of them, but then Warrior gets brainjacked. Minerva is forced to take out Warrior and then gets surrounded by Achilles Deed, a black Kunoichi, and a black Hunter. Ban and Hiro arrive and help Ran take out the Kunoichi and Hunter, but Achilles Deed activates Demonic Mode and after a three-on-one, it escapes. Ran is made a member of the team and is taken to the Seekers base.

Over across the sea the, president of A Nation, Claudia Renneton, asks her defense secretary and vice president to do research on the LBX crisis. The Vice President, Alferdo Gardyne, chooses to go to Omega Dain for advice while the defense secretary contacts Yagami and Zaizen. Back at the Seekers base the CCM's for Ami and Kazuya are detected. They appear to be on a plane headed to A Nation, but before precise coordinates can be located, the signals are cut off. Ban and company decide to head to A Nation to investigate. 

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