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The LBX Rebellion
Odin,Perseus,Achilles Deed
Name in Japanese LBXの反乱
Release Date January 18th 2012
Production Staff
Script Akihiro Hino
Storyboard Norio Nitta
Animation Director Kazunori Minagawa

Shinji Nagata

Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 44
Next Episode 02 (W)
Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

'The LBX Rebellion' (LBXの反乱) is the first episode of the Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 18th January 2012.


Yamano Ban 001

Ban heading to the Tokio Sia Department Store.

The episode begin with the protagonist, a young 14 years old male LBX player named Ban Yamano, heading to the Tokio Sia Department Store for the announcement of the latest LBX model manufactured by Tiny Orbit.

A mysterious boy appeared and is shown playing an arcade game of LBX against a
Hiro Oozora 001

A mysterious boy playing an arcade game of LBX

young boy. He won the match, thus achieving his twenty consecutive wins. Later, he claims his prize, the limited edition Space Hero Senshiman custom figure at the counter. When he was about to leave, the young man challenge him for a rematch but he refuses, thus resulting in making the young man angry but fortunately a man stopped the young man from starting a fight. Soon, he accidentally bump into a mysterious man and drop his prize.

Perseus 001

Perseus in the Senshiman custom figure box

The mysterious boy later is seen sitting on a bench, opening his prize, checking

Hiro testing out Perseus

whether his figure was alright. He was shocked when he found out that there is an LBX in the box. He later tried to used it but couldn't control it properly. He then met Ban after Perseus almost hit Ban. Hiro tried to use it again and managed to control it thanks to Ban's guidance. They revealed their name to each other before Ban's departure.

Ban teaching Hiro how to control Perseus properly


Kazu and Ami reappeared in Danball Senki W

Upon Ban's arrival at Tokio Sia Department Store, he met his best friends, Kazuya Aoshima and Ami Kawamura. Soon, Takuya Uzaki announce Tiny Orbit's latest LBX model, Achilles Deed. Takuya stated that Achilles Deed will be released worldwide. Hiro saw a vision of LBXs rampaging in Tokio Sia Department Store and then rushed to Tokio Sia Department Store. Achilles Deed somehow went rampaged and started attacking. The LBXs inside Toys Craft store also started to rampage.
Achilles Deed 001

Achilles Deed's debut

Major Events

  • Hiro and Cobra make their first debut.
  • Hiro obtained his first LBX, Perseus.
  • Takuya Uzaki announced Tiny Orbit's latest LBX model, Achilles Deed.
  • Achilles Deed used Black Storm for the first time.
  • Pandora and Fenrir have been destroyed by rampaging LBXs.
  • Odin have been destroyed by Achilles Deed's Black Storm.
  • Ami and Kazu were kidnapped by the LBXs.






Achilles Deed001

Achilles Deed

Attack Functions/Special Modes Used


Black Storm

Attack Function


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