Eclipse (エクリプス) is a giant assault stealth jet that serves as the Seeker's alternate base of operations. It remains to that role in Danball Senki W, until Mizel ghost-jacked it out of Japan, remodeling it into the Mizel Trouzer (ミゼルトラウザー).


Danball Senki


Formerly constructed by the Innovators, it was stolen by Eiji Yagami and his three followers after learning of Yoshimitsu Kaidou's true ambitions. As a support vehicle, the jet comes with high stealth capabilities and a drill connector cable called the Harpoon for mid-flight aircraft-to-aircraft entrances.

Danball Senki W

It participated in the Camberlin mission supporting NICS, under authority of the Japanese government.

After the events of the Detectors and Paradise, it was mysteriously hijacked until it landed in Nation-A under an overwhelming surprise, it transformed into a giant robot under the control of Mizel.[1] Under the rest of the Mizel Chapter, it remained under Mizel's control, as his mobnile base of operations while monitoring the globe and surveilling the actions of Ban and the Seekers.

In the final confrontation against all the world's LBX players, Ban and friends managed to trap it inside the Grand Sphere, rendering it disabled. The Eclipse/Mizel Trouzer itself was finally destroyed within the Seto-50's explosion.


  • Its design resembles that of the retired Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, a real-world stealth strike aircraft that was employed into service by the United States Air Force.



  1. Episode 44 (W)

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