Dot Phasor
Model Info
Japanese: ドット・フェイサー
Romaji: Dotto Feisā
Frame Type: Brawler Frame
LBX Type: Balance-type
Arnaments: Multi Gimmick Sack
Owner: Arata Sena (former)
Yuno Kashima
Hayato Matatagi (Ranking Battle)
Affiliation/s: Jenock
Game Debut: Danball Senki W Super Custom
Anime Debut: Episode 04 (Wars)
Appears in Anime, Game, Bandai Plastic Models

Dot Phasor (ドット・フェイサー Dotto Feisā) was Sena Arata's first LBX introduced in the Danball Senki Wars series. It has wheels equipped to its legs for high speed movements. It was later given to Yuno Kashima after Arata received Dot Blastrizer.


It first debuted in Episode 1 along with Orvane and Val Sparos before its official debut in Episode 4. It was delivered to Reina Mito by an unknown person, and then presented to the First Platoon because their LBXs were heavily damaged. Since then, it remained as Arata Sena's main LBX and part of the First Platoon's forces.

In Episode 21, Arata activate his Overload and managed to defeat Gruxeon. However, Dot Phasor's right arm and one of its eyes got damaged after defeating Gruxeon with Z-Lance.

In Episode 23, it was officially transferred to the Fourth Platoon, given to Yuno Kashima after Arata received his new Dot Blastrizer.


  • Multi Gimmick Sack: Dot Phasor equipped with the new-generation of weapons equipment which are mulit-purpose packs stored on the back of the LBX. It can change its change modes to suit any battle situation. Dot Phasor is equipped with:
    • Z-Lance (ゼットランス): A combined bayonet.
    • Z-Hammer (ゼットハンマー): A combined hammer.
    • Z-Shooter (ゼットシューター): An single-hand atomic machine gun.
    • Z-Sword (ゼットソード): A combined sword.
    • Z-Rifle (ゼットライフル): A combined rifle.
    • Z-Shield (ゼットシールド): Dot Phasor's standard shield
  • Dot Gatling Gun (ドットガトリング): A new standard weapon developed by Sakuya to combast against Muraku's Gunther Yzelphar.
  • Riding Armor (ライディングアーマー): When Dot Phasor broke its weapon when fighting Eldband, Sakuya let Dot Phasor use the prototype armor.

Attack Functions

Formation Attack

Game Locations

Danball Senki W Super Custom

It can be purchased at Maya Game Shop after clearing Chapter 11.


  • It's the first LBX that's a non-knight framed type used by a main protagonist.

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