Dot Blastrizer
Wars 22 HQ 39
Model Info
Japanese: ドット・ブラストライザー
Romaji: Dotto Burastoraiza
Frame Type: Brawler Frame
LBX Type: Balance-type
Brand Maker: Jenock
Arnaments: Multi Gimmick Sack
Owner: Arata Sena
WARS Protagonist
Affiliation/s: Jenock First Platoon
Game Debut: Danball Senki Wars
Anime Debut: Episode 22 (Wars)
Appears in Anime, Game, Bandai Plastic Models

Dot Blastrizer (ドット・ブラストライザー Dotto Burastoraiza) is Arata Sena's second main LBX succeeding Dot Phasor in Danball Senki Wars.


With Dot Phasor badly damaged from its battle with Gruxeon, Jin Kaidou gave Sakuya Hosono and Takeru Kojou a flash drive containing mysterious data, which is revealed to be blueprints for a new LBX that is able withstand the Overload ability. It also has a function called Ragnarok Phase, where Dot Blastrizer's armor frame opens up, revealing super charged internal components, enhancing all its abilities to the max.


In Episode 22, Sakuya and Takeru were in charge of constructing the new LBX while the Jenock-Hernes alliance defend the labs under assault by Bandit.

After overcoming many interruptions while almost all platoons BO-ed, the new LBX, Dot Blastrizer was completed with Arata standing by.

Its newfound speed and enhanced durability in its Ragnarok Phase was amazingly enough to overwhelm Kyouji's Gruxeon in battle.


  • Dual Blade (デュアルブレード): Dot Blastrizer's double-edge beam naginata.
  • Blast Magnum (ブラストマグナム): Dot Blastrizer's beam pistols.
  • Blast Sword (ブラストソード): Dot Blastrizer's twin swords.
  • Blast Guarder (ブラストガーダー): Dot Blastrizer's shield.

Attack Functions

Special Modes


  • Its the second LBX to use the dual-sword style after Hiro Oozora.
  • Its Raganarok Phase transformation sequence is very similar of the Unicorn Gundam's Destroy Mode where its glowing internals are revealed when parts of the armor shifts.
  • Its combination with the support fighter jet to form G-EXT is very similar to Freedom Gundam's Meteor equipment pack.
  • Its name and special mode effected by particle lightspeed makes it similar to 00 Raiser and its Trans-Am mode.

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