In the year 2042, after the development of the fortified cardboard boxes, they were put to external purposes and conceptual use for their 80% impact absorption rate. The Fortified Cardboard were the inspirational concept to be used as safeguarded dioramas for LBX battling. The boxes are compressly folded into a small cuboid object called the D-Cubes (Dキューブ), and by pressing the button on the top, the boxes are expanded to maximum size with different dioramas between the players' suitable battlefield.

When a D-Cube transforms, the box transforms into a Diorama (ジオラマ) used to conduct LBX battles for safety regulations. There are a variety of dioramas that can be sold in model shops or located in various locations throughout the game.

In Danball Senki W, a new field called the D-Egg (Dエッグ) D-egg icon was developed. Resembling an egg according to its name, it generates an energy field surrounding the LBX players for battle positioning and creating a selected-diorama in the center. The improvements upon the new field help minimize outside damage while capturing enemies, and will not escape until the battle victor is decided.

Diorama Mediums

In-Game List

All the dioramas are not available to purchase in the games, until W expanded the

Field Name Description Price Obtain Method
Mediterranean Ruins
A Diorama styled after the Mediterranean ruins, illuminated by the evening sun, decorated by red marble boulders. 10000
86520 (W)
W: Model Shops, Meta-S
A territory where lava flows freely, and causes damages if touched the scorching lava. 19000
181520 (W)
W: Model Shops, Meta-S
Grass Plains
A large, spacious plain-field where the prairies roam with a very peaceful atmosphere. 10000 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
A huge pyramid that stands up in the middle of a dry desert. 19000
24000 (W)
W: Model Shops, Meta-S
A metropolis diorama filled with buildings, next to a port harbor, and a canal that flows through the town. 15000 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
The factory zone where searchlights illuminate the night-filled sky, with a tanker anchored in the harbor. 129000 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
South Pole
Aurora sparkling in the sky of the extreme cold Antarctic, with floating ice on the surface of water. 41500
54000 (W)
W: Akiba Hidden Shop
A muddy river across a tropical rainforest housing ancient ruins housing remains of battle scars. 19000 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
Rocky Mountains
A sight-seeing terrain with thin green that covers the dry land that located in the Rocky Hill. 154000 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
The Moon
A moo surface basing a large crater, where the earth can be seen in a distance. 86500
561500 (W)
W: Akiba Hidden Shop
An ancient amphitheater where no battle can be blocked. 356520 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
Lava Territory
In the middle of large volcanoes, lava flows around. 423020 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
Castle Walls
From the top of a slight hill meadows, lies is a huge castle with enclosing long walls nearby a river. 154000
69000 (W)
W: Akiba Hidden Shop
A lush oasis surrounded by the scorching desert heat, with visible ruins buried in the sand. 31520 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
City Banks
Tall buildings located across the street to the big river, with a bridge connecting to a large red city. 12000 W: Akiba Hidden Shop
A petrochemical complex in the day time, with large leaking oil puddles. 41520 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
Ice Caps
Freezing large glaciers covered with cold snow, ice and melted water. 399000 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
Flowing through the tropical jungle are branch points of the river, with a large waterfall view in the upstream. 106250 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
A long time, the flow of the river was deep red Valley. wilderness of beautiful sunset 211520 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
Volcanic Ruins
Volcanic lava flows buried in the ruins of a large pentagon diorama. 279000 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
Royal Throne
The ruins of the palace arena with the sunset's red light angle down a distance. 244000 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
A marine diorama motif for underwater battles. Movements have decreased from the water resistance 316520 W: Model Shops, Meta-S
A sky garden castle floating in the sky, with a windy beautiful stage that petal flutters. 509000 W: Game's Maya

Little Battlers eXperience

Field Name Description Price Obtain Method
Roman Ruins An ancient ruins Battlescape, bathed in the evening sun. 10000c All Model Shops

(Episode 2)

List of Dioramas

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