Deqoo Custom C
Model Info
Japanese: デクーカスタムC
Frame Type: Brawler Framed LBX
LBX Type: Cannon Type
Brand Maker: Kamiya Craft
Arnaments: Deqoo Cannon Arm
Electro Shield
Affiliation/s: Innovator, Detector
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 42
Appears in Anime, Game

Deqoo Custom C (デクーカスタムC) is a heavy-arms cannon version of the Deqoo series, used by Innovator.


Just like its original Deqoo predecessor, this LBX was created by Kamiya Industries. It is commonly used in their fiendish schemes.


It is similar to the original Deqoo, albeit being a heavy-arms cannon upgrade with its electro shield.


  • Deqoo Cannon Arm (デクーキャノンアーム)
  • Electro Shield (電磁シールド)


  • The "C" stands for Cannon.

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