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Welcome to the Danball Senki Wiki!

This wiki stands as an comprehensive encyclopedia for everything related to the Danball Senki games, anime, manga and other merchandise. We would appreciate everybody's help with your contributions by editing or adding articles and lessening the stubs.

We currently have 2,033 articles and 7,064 images on this wiki since April 3rd, 2011.

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Special Episode: Wars Special
Danball Senki Wars Special


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Recent News

  • New templates have been created for the mission events in the upcoming sequel!! See Examples below
  • VIDEOGAME NEWS!! Danball Senki Wars has been released on October 31st.
  • New templates have been made for the Bandai Models and TCG for the LBX pages. Be sure to "tab" them ^_^
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! This wiki has finally reached over 1000 pages! Keep up the confident work!! ^_^
  • REQUEST: Translators for Game Info - walkthrough, quests and all items.

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Featured LBX

Dot Blastrizer G-Ext Model
Dot Blastrizer G-EXT is the form that Arata Sena's Dot Blastrizer takes when it combines with Dot Phoenix.

Featured Character

Seredy Kreisler
Seredy Kreisler is a supporting character in Danball Senki Wars. He is the leader of a terrorist group known as World Saber, and uses Phantom and D Ezeldee as his LBX.

Featured Article

The Sylonguarder is a Large Droid affiliated with World Saber. It is the upgraded version of the Draganzeid, and it was used to try and prevent Jenock from reaching the bottom of the Lost Area.


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