Welcome to the Danball Senki W Game Walkthrough.


  1. The LBX Rebellion (LBXの反乱)
  2. Journey the World (世界への旅立ち)
  3. The N City Line Investigation (Nシティ大捜査線)
  4. Reunion at the Dragon Tower (ドラゴンワターの再会)
  5. Infiltrate Omega Dain (潜入オメガダイン)
  6. A Long Day at Artemis (アルテミスの長い日)
  7. The Uprising LBX Killer (戦慄のLBXキラー)
  8. Detector's Identity (ディテクターの正体)
  9. Rescue the President! (大統領を救え!)
  10. The Small Warriors in Space (宇宙の小さな戦士たち)
  11. Perfect World (パーフェクト・ワールド)


Clearing the Game

  • All the higher rankings in Ranking Battle are unlocked
  • You can now change armor frames between your personal games.
  • More Additions to the Shops.
  • More Additions to the Capsule Toys.
  • Series 4 has been added to the LBX Dungeon Battle.


  • A Secret Chapter and Ending is available through a download patch freely available.
  • You can unlock the Ultimate Level (Hard Mode) of the Secret Chapter after clearing it once.

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