Welcome to the Danball Senki Game Walkthrough.


  1. The Meeting with a Small Machine
  2. The Moving Conspiracy
  3. Saving Father!
  4. The Dark Battlefield, Angra Visdas
  5. The Dark Fortress, Infiltrating the Kaidou Mansion
  6. The Fateful Battle! The Decisive Artemis Battle
  7. Awaken! A New Machine!!
  8. The Legendary Super Hacker! Otacross's Mystery!!
  9. The Great Battle! Akihabara Kingdom!!
  10. Stand Forth! The Eternal Cycler Defense Line!!
  11. The Terrifying Project, Fairy Tail
  12. The Last Battle! Save the world with your hands.


BOOST Additions

  • Selling LBX frame parts are now possible.
  • You can customize up to 20 LBXs.
  • The AC Limit has been raised from 100 to 200.

Baku BOOST Additions

Clearing the Game

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