Sendou's preferred choice of LBX customization are preferrably Strider Framed types with scythe.


  • Joker: is Sendou's first LBX. Joker has the ability to have clones by using its incredible speed allowing him to overwhelm Ban's Achilles.
  • Joker MK2: is Sendou's second LBX. It is the upgraded version of Joker. It's stronger than Joker in both speed and power.
  • Nightmare: is Sendou's third LBX. Nightmare is the successor of Joker MK2. It is equipped with a rod called Nightmare's Soul. Its debut is his battle teamed up with Hakai-OZ against Hacker Army.
  • Nightmare Fear: is Sendou's Detector LBX, prior enslaved and made Camberlin's master computer guardian.

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