The anime version of the Danball Senki series is produced by Media Factory, and currently being released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

Season 1

Cover Volume Release Date DVD Info
Danballdvd no01

Cover LBX: Achilles List of Episodes

  1. The Meeting with a Small Machine
  2. The Stolen Achilles
  3. Descend! The Destroyer of Hell
  4. The Cursed Golden Knight
  • A special password for a Warrior Special model, for the Danball Senki games.
Danballdvd no02
2 Cover LBX:Hunter
Danballdvd no03
3 Cover LBX:Hakai-O
Danballdvd no04
4 Cover LBX:The Emperor
Danballdvd no05
5 Cover LBX:G Rex
Danballdvd no06
6 Cover LBX:Judge
Danballdvd no07
7 Cover LBX:Odin
Danballdvd no08
8 Cover LBX:Pandora
Danballdvd no09
9 Cover LBX:Fenrir
Danballdvd no10
10 Cover LBX:Lucifer
Danballdvd no11
11 Cover LBX:Ifreet

Season 2

Cover Volume Release Date DVD Info
Danballwdvd cover01
Danballwdvd cover02

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