Customize menu

Original Danball Senki Customize Menu

BOOST customize menu

BOOST version of customize menu

W LBXcustomization menu

New Customize Menu in Danball Senki W

The Customize Menu (カスタマイズメニュー) LBX customize icon is the stand-by phase of the Danball Senki gameplay where you can change armor frames, equipment and even status parameters before battle.

LBX Parts (LBXパーツ)

LBX Parts are the armor frame parts that serve as the aesthetic covering of the model.

Weapons (ウェポン)

Different Weapons and Shields that increases attack and defense values. There are two weapon sets A and B serving as primary and secondary switching.

Core Parts (コアパーツ)

Core Parts are the moving gears of the model. It will not function unless one CPU, Core Memory, Battery and Motor is equipped. The slot space called the Core Box starts out small, but will enlarge when the player's level reaches the ceratin degree. Medium Size at LV15 and Large Size at LV35.

Attack Functions (必殺ファンクション)

An LBX Model's Signature Move(s). They are varied by weapon-type and can only be activated with the correct type of weapon equipped. You can only equip to a maximum of 4 according to the game's core memory slots.

Battle Items (バトルアイテム)

Items that can be used within battle.

Maintenance (メンテナンス)

It is the most-right orange gauge and depletes from every battle to gain Tune-Up Points (チューンアップポイント) for levelling up armor frames. Therefore when the gauge is empty, the frame parts cannot level any further unless you use the grease (グリス) items to replenish the gauge.

Custom Name (カスタムネーム)

You can change the name of your LBX in your custom set.

Custom Set (マイセット)

Your own fully customized LBX set created depending on the player's design choice.

  • With only limited slots, you can save up to a maximum of ?? custom sets.
  • They can either be edited, re-equip or deleted at choice.