Cosmo Slash
Cosmo slash 03
Media Info
Japanese: コスモスラッシュ
Translation: Kosumo Surasshu
Dub name: Cosmic Slash
Game debut: Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime debut: Episode 02 (W)
Type: Hissatsu icon Sword weapon icon
Attack power: 170
Range: Long Range
Elements: Slash element icon Slash
Light element icon Light
Chance guage: Chance gauge icon 2

Cosmo Slash (コスモスラッシュ) is a sword-type attack function introduced in the Danball Senki W series.


When activated, the user gathers energy particles at the tip of its two swords. Then, it high-jumps and charges the energy to the swords' tips. After the energy is fully charged, the user returns to the ground through slaming the ground, unleashing the shockwave, dealing great damage. It was shown that this attack function is as strong as Zenon's attack function where it can smash a door down.



Danball Senki Wars

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