Core box

LBX Core Box in Danball Senki W.

In the Danball Senki universe, the Core Box (コアボックス) is the hollow space of the LBX Core Skeleton where gear components called the Core Parts (コアパーツ) and support items called Extra Parts (補助パーツ) can be inserted.

Without a single CPU, Motor, Battery and Memory , the core skeleton itself will be inoperable. Only with the right parts for a preferred battle style and great durability against its elemental weaknesses can the LBX model be ready for battle. The extra parts give increased statuses and higher endurances against elemental properties.

In Danball Senki (PSP) to Baku BOOST, the core box space can be expanded when levelling-up the party characters.

  • Default = Small Size
  • Level 15 = Medium Size
  • Level 35 = Large Size

In Danball Senki W (PSP), the list has upgraded to where Maintenance Items are required to expand core box size. In addition towards all LBXs can activate a Special Mode, the mode would require its corresponding extra part to be inserted for activation.

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