Cobra 01
Media Info
Japanese コブラ
Translation Kobura
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 01 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation(s) Professor Yamano's Assistant

Cobra is a character in Danball Senki W.




In episode one of W, he arrives in Tokio Mall in episode one carrying a case similar to the case that Hiro Oozora's Cosmic Hero Senshiman. After spying on Hiro at the arcade, he purposely bumps into the boy and secretly switches out his superhero figure for the model of a new LBX: Perseus.

As the LBX rampage in TokioSIA erupts, Cobra walks in the chaos, commenting that Professor Yamano was right about a new LBX threat emerging. Faced with the danger of harming innocents, he throws a D-Egg to Ban Yamano so that he and Hiro could fight Achilles Deed. Cobra finds out that Ban's friends: Ami Kawamura and Kazuya Aoshima, were kidnapped. He corrects their assumptions of the return of the Innovators, but of a new enemy, "a a new darkness ascending on the world". The four hear people outside, and on the screen in front of the mall, the new enemy Cobra spoke of reveals himself: the Detectors.


  • His real name is Jinnai Kyouichirou.