Chou Plasma Burst
Plasma burst
Media Info
Japanese: 超プラズマバースト
Translation: Chou Purazuma Bāsuto
Dub name: Vorpal Vortex
Game debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime debut: Episode 18 (Off-screen)
Episode 21 (Debut)
Type: Chou hissatsu icon Lance weapon icon
Attack power: 225
Range: Long
Elements: Pierce element icon Pierce, Thunder element icon Thunder
Chance guage: Chance gauge icon 4
Attained: Chapter 6 Event
Lance weapon icon Skill Level 11

'Chou Plasma Burst' (超プラズマバースト) is a lance-type finishing attack function introduced in the Danball Senki series.


A lance-type finishing attack function where the user LBX rotates its hands together with its lance. Then it brings its arm up, and a orange colored energy bursts out creating a spiral pattern ball of energy. Then the user LBX jumps into the air and dive to the opponent LBX.


Danball Senki Wars



Super Plasma Burst (off-screen).

It was first used by Achilles in Episode 18 and defeated Lex's Kabuto during Ban's training for the upcoming Artemis tournament.

In Episode 21, Achilles used Super Plasma Burst and defeated Keita's Warrior.

It was used again by Achilles in the final stage of Artemis 2050 and managed to damage Jin's Emperor M2 after the jumping portion of the routine dodged Impact Kaiser.

In Episode 44, Odin managed to use it to defeat Ren's Ifreet along with his other attack function inherited from Ban's predecessor model.

Function Sequence

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