L5 CCM concept art
The Control & Communication Manipulator (CCM) is the universal handheld console in the series. They wirelessly control an LBX model (maximum to 3 units) using electromagnetic waves within a 100 meter radius. It represents as one of the newest necessity electronics for visual communication, surf the Infinity Net, receiving e-mail and applicable to other functions. Every LBX player or almost the entire population in the Danball Senki universe have their own personal models to do LBX battles each other through. Its LBX maintenance menu include: checking status parameters, alerting damaged parts, remaining battery, change gauge meter, unlocked attack functions, LBX camera eye view during battle.

High-Spec CCM (高性能CCM): As Cyber Lance's main business is the computer hardware, their main quality in CPU manufacturing is proficient than any other brand makers. Any user can opearte an LBX up to a 1km radius (10x than normal), while giving the user a miniaturized feeling of being in the cockpit of a life-size LBX. The current notable users is Jin Kaidou, who uses the new CCM model for Proto Zenon and his future LBXs.

Game Settings

See CCM Menu in Danball Senki Gameplay

CCM Model Gallery



  • The CCMs' appearance is similar to the feature cellphones of the 21st century, when the first season premiered.
  • In Danball Senki Wars, the CCM concept has drastically change to the smartphone design with a different frame color to its corresponding virtual country.

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