Model Info
Japanese: ビャッコ
Frame Type: Wild Framed LBX
LBX Type: Sacred-Beast
Brand Maker: Kamiya Craft
Arnaments: Holy Beast Byakko Knuckle weapon icon
Owner: Innovator
Affiliation/s: Innovator
Game Debut: Danball Senki BOOST
Appears in Game, Manga

Byakko (ビャッコ Byakkou) is a special-type LBX developed by the Innovators. It was a manga-original LBX, and made its game debut in Danball Senki BOOST.


  • Holy Beast Byakko (四聖獣ビャッコ): Byakko's default claw gauntlet weapon.


  • The name "Byakko" derives from the White Tiger (白虎), one of the four mythological beast of Chinese constellations, representing the west and autumn season.

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