Britannia clock tower
The 'Brittania Clock Tower' (ブリタニア時計台 Buritania Tokeitai) is one of Brinton's famous landmarks introduced in Danball Senki W.


Ban Yamano and the rest of the NICS team hurried after the Detector announced their brainjack threat throughout the country.

They made it up to the clock tower, only to battle Kirito Kazama after defeating the Keita Morigami, the clock tower's slave player. Yuuya Haibara's Liu Bei managed to defeat Kirito Kazama's newest Hakai-O: Kirito Custom through a close edge, until the Killer Droid: Wyvern's arrival.

Elysion, Minerva and Triton managed to stall time while Yuuya, Hiro and Jessica managed to vaccinate the master computer.


  • The clock tower is a landmark reference towards London's Big Ben clock tower.

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