Brainjack explanation
'Brainjacking' (ブレインジャック Bureinjakku) is the hijack methodology used by the Detector to controll all the LBXs in Danball Senki W.


By intercepting the EM waves from the CCM, the Detectors can control any LBX within a wide range if installed an M Chip inside. The brainjack is automated by the Paradise-stationed Master Computers where the Detectors occupy only a certain amount of its normal function through the Infinity Net.

After the revelation of Paradise is revealed, it is known that the Paradise uses a long-range program called the Marionette System (マリオネット・システム). Using the M Chip as a control medium, any LBX installed can be manipulated as an army legion.


'Ghostjacking' (ゴーストジャック Gossuto jakku) is a new method of LBX hijacking during the Mizel arc. However, this powerful virus does not only consume the control of LBXs, but towards computers and all other electronics bringing haywire to all electronic activity. Only when the mysterious LBX, Vector can touch any LBX or device should the hacking become possible. Corruption of an LBX is possible is the opponent LBX makes any physical contact towards the Vectors itself. All systems should return to normal if the controlling Vector should be break-over in battle.


  • Before the final battle of the anime, a nano-machine coating was invented for all LBXs to nullify the Ghostjack effects.

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