Billy Stallion
Billy Stallion
Media Info
Japanese ビリー·スタリオン
Translation Birri Starionn
Nickname(s) Billy the Kid (早撃ちビリー)
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 13 (W)
Appears in Anime, Game, Manga
Voice Actor Shinichiro Miki
Personal Info
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation LBX Player
LBX: Joker: Billy Custom
Achievement(s) Angra Texas Finalist

Billy Stallion (ビリー·スタリオン Birri Starionn) is an LBX player and finalist-candidate in Danball Senki W.


Billy is a well-known LBX player who won the 2050 Angra Texas. Nicknamed "Quick Draw Billy", he uses a customized Joker equipped with two pistols.


Billy has long, light purple hair with the majority tied to a pony tail, fair complexion, and dark blue-purle eyes. His attire comes off as a wealthy man's simple attire in the old west. He also wears gloves and has a necklace with a golden horseshoe, presumably for good luck. Due to his appearance, apparent gracefulness, and skills, he is flocked with female fans and is highly respected by his fellow LBX players.


Since he was the winner of the last Angra Texas and due to his fast and glorified winning ratio, Billy is a very proud and competative player. He even told Hiro and Jessica that he only loves one thing in this life and that are LBXs and LBX battling, much to Jessica's dismay. He tells Jessica that what attracted him in the Angra Texas was not her, but Hiro's passion with LBXs. His affinity for vanity is almost unparalleled in the Danball Senki series, and it is befitting for him to be holding a blue rose in Episode 15.


Billy only appears in Danball Senki W as a participant in Angra Texas.


  • Billy Stallion was voiced by Shinichiro Miki who's popular for his voice as Lockon Stratos in Gundam 00, in which he said "nerai utsu" to Jessica.

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