Bibinbird Chaos
Bibinbird chaos
Model Info
Japanese: ビビンバードカオス
Frame Type: Knight Framed LBX
LBX Type: Customized LBX
Brand Maker: Akihabara (original brand)
Arnaments: Chaos Launcher Launcher weapon icon
Owner: Ota Silver
Ota Rangers (game)
Affiliation/s: Detector
Game Debut: Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 28 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime

'Bibinbird Chaos' (ビビンバードカオス Bibinbādo Kaosu) is a recustomized version Ota Silver's Bibinbird Silver by Detector. Ota Silver, enslaved by Detector uses this LBX to battle against anyone as a guardian of Camberlin's four master computers.



  • Chaos Launcher (カオスランチャー): Bibinbird Chaos's stadard rocket launcher.

Attack Functions

  • Aqua Splash (アクアスプラッシュ): Used by Ota Blue's version in the Danball Senki W Ranking Battle.
  • Super Discharge Missile (超放電式ミサイル): Used by Ota Yellow's version in the Danball Senki W Ranking Battle.
  • Shark Blast (シャークブラスト): Used by Ota Pink's version in the Danball Senki W Ranking Battle.

Game Locations


  • In the game, there are 5 different versions of this LBX for each of the 5 Ota Rangers.
  • The head parts are the difference between the regular Bibinbird series parts and their Chaos counterparts.

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