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Episode 0 (エピソード0) is an extra scenario in Danball Senki BOOST, that can be unlocked after completing the game once. The episode is also inherited within Danball Senki Baku BOOST.

This episode introduces Hiro Oozora, the next main character for the game's next sequel.


  • After clearing the game you can choose the fourth option in the main menu.
  • You start in Akihabara, go into the Slums
  • An event will occur, after that go to the other side of the Slums
  • Defend the girl
  • Go to Akiba Tower and enter Otacross's Room
  • Boss Battle



Danball Senki Boost - Episode (ダンボール戦機 BOOST)09:44

Danball Senki Boost - Episode (ダンボール戦機 BOOST)


  • By the end of the scenario, the scene CG indicates the episode takes place between the anime Episode 28 and Episode 29.

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