Big city extras stadium

The BC Extras Stadium

The 'BC Extras' (BCエクストラズ, Biggu Shiti Ekusutrazu) is one of Nation-A's official LBX tournaments and cosplaying contest. It is an anime-original event that appears in the Danball Senki anime filling between the events of Brinton and Camberlin in the game's timeline.

Tournament Rules

  • All participants are to attend in tag teams.
  • All participants must wear their own costumes
  • LBX Customization and change of costume is admitted anytime during the tournament.
  • Costumes weared during battle are graded by audience reception. Automatic disqualification will occur if the audience grades the cosplay as bad.

2051 Participants


  • The grand prize for the winning team is the core memory,the Meister X3, plus an order-made, super high-quality cosplay set for two.
  • The Tournament makes a debut in the official game as part of one of the quests obtained after clearing the Mizel Chapter.

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