【TVCM】『ダンボール戦機 爆ブースト』アルテミスレジェンド篇00:16

【TVCM】『ダンボール戦機 爆ブースト』アルテミスレジェンド篇

The Artemis Legend (アルテミスレジェンド) is a game-exclusive tournament of the Artemis tournament. It is only available in Danball Senki Baku BOOST. By winning battles, you earn battle points to exchange for different rewards.
  • Unlike the rest of the game-only tournaments, there are no battle drops.
  • New addittional characters are added to your party after clearing the S-Rank.
  • The W-trio (Hiro, Ban and Ran) can be included when completing the tournament, BEFORE completing the Episode 0 sub-story.

Unlocking Ranks

C Class Clear the Story
B Class Clear C Class 2 times, and D-Rank of the Ranking Battle.
A Class Clear B Class 2 times, and B-Rank of the Ranking Battle.
S Class Clear A Class 3 times, and A-Rank of the Ranking Battle.
Master Class Clear S Class 3 times, and the Under D-Rank of the Ranking Battle.


LBX Parts

Unlock Conditions Parts Head Head part icon Torso Torso part icon Hands Rhand part icon Lhand part icon Legs Leg part icon Full Set LBXSet icon


  • They can be unlocked by clearing S Class.
  • They are only limited under the SSS Rank in the Ranking Battle.
  • Only by clearing the Master Class, should the unlocked weapons be used under the A-Rank of the Under Ranking Battle.
Type Name Price Description

Super Attack Functions

  • They can be unlocked by clearing S Class.
Type Name Price
Sword Dimension 0 600pt
Knuckle Meteor Strike
Hammer Titan Hammer
Gun Great Bomber
Rifle Hell Fire
Launcher Photon Blizzard


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