Ami's preferred choice of LBX customization are preferably Strider Framed types with dual blades.


  • Kunoichi: Kunoichi is Ami's LBX. Kunoichi uses two blades that are usually hidden and she is also very fast. Kunoichi fights like a ninja, which goes with her name's meaning "female ninja," and Ami also said that Kunoichi is her "style" of fighting.
  • Pandora: Pandora is Ami's second LBX. It uses two blades like Kunoichi, and has a red armor frame. It is a lot faster that Kunoichi. It was given as a gift by Yosuke Uzaki.
  • Dark Pandora: Ami receives it when Pandora had been destroyed. Ami is first seen using Dark Pandora when she became a slave player by disguising herself with a panda suit. It has a little bit diffirence and it is a lot faster and more powerful than Pandora.

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