Alferdo Gardyne
Alfeld gardain
Media Info
Japanese アルフェルド・ガーダイン
Translation Aruferudo Gaadain
Dub Name Alfred Gordon
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 03 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Masaki Aizawa
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive (Anime). Deceased (Light Novel)
Occupation Nation-A Vice President
Affiliation(s) Nation-A, Omega Dain, Paradise
LBX: Zeus (Former)

Alfedo Gardyne (アルフェルド・ガーダイン) is the vice president of Nation A. He was later revealed to be the mastermind behind the Paradise operations.


Alfredo has gray spiky hair that extends to his sidebrowns, and has a long spiky beard. His eyebrows also reflect on his usual stern face. He wars a navy blue blazer with a white shirt and a red tie.


As the vice-president, he acts much more concerned and stern. He prefers safety for the president at all times and is incredibly focused on increasing and improving military and physical strength to further the A.U. Country’s goals.


In episode 3, Alfredo, the secretary of defense, and Claudia Lennton agree that something must be done about the LBX crisis. He agrees and decides to go to Omega Dain.

In episode nine, Alfredo arrives with multiple government officials who force the battle between Yuuya Haibara’s Liu Bei and Kirito Kazama’s Joker: Kirito Custom to end, with his officials picking up Jin and Ban during their attempt to reach the control tower. He announces that Omega Dain is temporarily being blockaded by the government and all non-Omega Dain personnel will be forced to leave, angering Kirito for interfering and halting the Seeker+NICS investigation.

In Episode 32, he is revealed to be the one in charge of the Future Hope plan, ordered Bishop to murder Worthen and showed his true colors to the President and Secretary Kaios. From Episode 33 to 35, he took President and Secretary Kaios as hostages while heading towards National Defense HQ, that has a satellite management centre in order to activate Paradise from there. He persistently demanded Claudia to tell him the activation code while expressing his disgust towards her ideal, claiming them to be false and impossible. After Ban and the others managed to defeat Gelato and failed to obtain the activation code, Gardyne decided to forsake the hostages while setting the dome for self-destruct before launching to space for activating Paradise directly with Dr. Mummy and Bishop.

(Light Novel Volume 1)

In the aftermath of Mizel arc, Takuya revealed to Ban and the others that Gardyne was murdered in the jail by an unknown party.