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Σ Orbis
Sigma Orbis007
Model Info
Japanese: Σ オービス
Frame Type: Unison
LBX Type: Super LBX
Brand Maker: Yamano Handmade
Arnaments: Sigma Twin Blaster Gun weapon icon
Sigma Guarder Shield icon
Owner: Hiro Oozora
Ban Yamano
Ran Hanasaki
Affiliation/s: NICS
Game Debut: Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut: Danball Senki W Episode 24
Appears in Game, Anime, Bandai Plastic Models

'Sigma (Σ) Orbis' (Σ オービス Shiguma Obbisu) is a next-generation, super LBX in the Danball Senki W season. It is the combined form of Perseus, Elysion and Minerva.


Σ Orbis is regarded as the first Super LBX, using composite electromagnetic properties to fulfill its maximum output and performance. It was shown fighting against Killer Droid: Wyvern in episode 24 and destroyed Killer Droid.


  • Sigma Twin Blaster: Σ Orbis's rifle-type weapon. A powerful beam rifle combined from Minerva's arm and leg frame parts.
  • Sigma Guarder: Σ Orbis's beam shield combined from Minerva's head and torso frame parts.


  • HEAD: 600
  • ARM: 300
  • BODY: 300
  • LEG: 400
  • WEAPON: 700
  • SHIELD: 700

Attack Functions


  • Σ Orbis makes itself the first combination-type LBX to be owned by the protagonists, other than Otacross's Perfect ZX3 and ZX4.
  • Σ Orbis is the third LBX to transform and combine, like Otacross's Perfect ZX3 and ZX4.
  • The regular non-scale Bandai model is ranked 14th in the LBX Popularity Poll Ranking Special.

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